Imperial Berkey Water System With Pf-2 Fluoride Filter & Black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel
Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel
Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel   Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

This listing is for the Imperial Berkey System (included 2 black Purifiers) and 2x PF-2 Fluoride Filters. If you require further info regarding this listing, contact 0333 322 0902. Want to know how much water is left in your Berkey system without having to open the lid every time? Then check our other listings for the "Sight Glass Spigot". Which Berkey System is for me?
LPH=Liters Per Hour / L=Litres. (the above are estimated figures). Purifies more than 20 liters per hour. Comes equipped with 2 Black Berkey filters. A storage capacity of 17 liters.

Expandable to 6 Black Berkey filters. 4.5 gallon storage capacity. 10"D x 27"H.

High quality stainless steel container. Complete assembly and maintenance instructions.

Compatible with the Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters. With two Black Berkey Purification Elements. Produces up to 5.5 gallons of purified drinking water per hour.

With four Black Berkey Purification Elements. Produces up to 11 gallons of purified drinking water per hour. With six Black Berkey Purification Elements. Produces up to 16.5 gallons of purified drinking water per hour.
Below is a chart that compares the Berkey Water Filter to other commercially available household water filters. PER GALLON "COST OF USE". TOTAL COST FOR 6000 GALLONS. YES With the add on Berkey PF-2. This system comes standard with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, but can be expanded up to 4 or 6 elements.

The versatile Imperial Berkey system is the ideal system for use with mid to large-sized families, small groups and during unexpected emergencies. Constructed with highly polished AISI stainless steel. Upper chamber nests within lower chamber for transport and stands only 17 in height. Storage capacity of about 4.5 gallons (17 liters). Maximum Filters: 6 Black Berkey Purification Elements (in upper chamber).

System includes upper and lower stainless steel chambers, 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (expandable to 4 or 6), 1 stainless steel lid, 2 washers, 2 wingnuts, 1 priming button, 1 spigot, 1 rubber gasket to protect the base. Height when in use: 26.

For normal everyday use, this system easily serves: 4-8 people. Fully configured, this system can serve up to 200-400 people a day, during an emergency. Configured with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Imperial Berkey system can produce up to 5.5 gallons (20.8 liters) of purified water per hour.

Configured with 6 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Imperial Berkey system can produce up to 16.5 gallons (62.5 liters) of purified water per hour. Up to 6 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters can be installed in the lower chamber if desired. TURBIDITY FLOW RATE TEST[J]. This versatile purifier model is the ideal system for use with large sized groups 25-75 people, at home, churches, hospitals, and orphanages. The Imperial Berkey is a high output water filter! Up until the introduction of the Imperial Berkey water filter model, Berkey had focused on water filters designed to meet the needs of mainly families and small groups. Through multiple years of consumer feedback we recognized the growing need for a water filter that could meet the needs of larger groups like churches, schools and orphanages.

These unique customers had been purchasing multiple units like the Royal Berkey in order to meet the production output that was necessary to supply water to such large numbers of people. These smaller water filter systems posed several problems that made them less than ideal for their unique needs.
Our first concern was that the upper container was not tall enough to produce the water pressure needed to push large enough amounts of water through the Black Berkey purification elements. Each foot of height produces approximately 0.5 pounds of water pressure that is used to push the water down through the filters. So the first design feature we implemented was to make the upper container of the Imperial Berkey taller. The second problem was the number of filters the unit could hold. Each purification element needs to have a certain amount of space around it in order to function properly. The diameter of the smaller units was not large enough to accommodate more than four filters, so we increased the diameter of the lower storage container on the new Imperial Berkey water filter to accommodate up to six filter elements. The addition of the extra purification elements increased the water flow capacity to sixteen gallons per hour when the Imperial was full. Third was the water holding capacity of the lower container. Through diligent research and observation we discovered that with larger groups of people the need for water comes in predictable waves. These waves usually coincide with breaks in daily activities like lunch time, recess or end of the workday.

If the lower container is not capable of storing enough water to meet the demands of these peak times, the filter system simply runs dry. So we increased the size of the lower container enough to hold ample water to meet the demands during these peak periods for large groups of up to 75 people. The implementation of these three features into the Imperial Berkey produced a water filtration system capable of meeting the demands for larger groups during everyday activities or during emergencies and times of disaster relief. This purification system is made of a super durable and hygienic high grade stainless steel. The adaptable Imperial Berkey water filter system comes complete including 2 filters detailed and simple assembly instructions plus everything you need to start purifying your drinking water within minutes of assembly.

Assembly requires no tools or special knowledge and takes only about ten minutes. By comparison, Berkey water filters outperform commercially available water filters from both the portable and household water filter categories. Take a look at these Berkey water filter comparison charts and you can see for yourself that Berkey outperforms the competition in almost every category. Households across America trust water filters manufactured by Berkey. Water filter comparison should encompass more than initial retail cost.

When researching water filter systems, you will immediately find that most of them only qualify as filters. Water filters last 10 times longer than our competition and are so powerful that they even remove viruses.

This ability to filter viruses qualifies our water filters as water purifiers. Side by side, the long-lasting Black Berkey is available at the best price. Berkey water filters rise to the top of all charts that compare water filter systems. With Berkey, you get a quality filter that surpasses standards for filtering out pathogenic bacteria and viruses listed in the Water and Purification Standard used by the Army.

For the best filtration at the best price, Berkey water filters have no competition. Dont just take our word for it: Do your own research and find out why Berkey water filters are the ultimate in water filtration. Even though our portable water filter systems are smaller in size, they all contain the same Black Berkey filter element delivering the same clean water you expect with our larger models. Our travel sizes make it convenient to use our dependable filtration systems in small RV campers, summer cabins, or anywhere storage space may be limited.

Because our filters are cleanable, it is possible that you wont need to replace the filter elements for years! Add the dependability of our filtration systems to the flexibility to use them under a wide range of situations and environments and it is easy to see why so many people already turn to Berkey for their water filtration needs. Frequently Asked Questions about Berkey Water Filters.

When do I need to replace the Black Berkey filter elements in my system? Use one of the 2 methods below. Take the number of Black Berkey. Filtering elements in your system and multiply it by 3,000. This number will be the (Total Life) in gallons.

Estimate the average amount of water you filter through your Berkey per day. This number will be the (Total Use) in gallons. Then simply divide the (Total Life) by the (Total Use). This number represents how many days your filter will effectively treat your water before needing to replace them. As a reminder, with a permanent marker write the date that you calculated the need for Berkey replacement filters on the bottom of your unit.

Example: If you have a 2 filter Big Berkey and your used 4 gallons of water per day. You would multiply 2 (#of filters) by 3000 = 6000 (Total Life), then divide 6000 by 4 (total use) = 1500 days the filters will last, That's a little over 4 years! The Black Berkey filters in your unit will never stop working; the rate that the filters produce water will slow down, this is an indication that the filter need cleaned. This brings us to the second method. If after cleaning your elements they do not filter any faster; it is time to replace them.

I hear a lot about the Big Berkey, is this the best system for me? Is our most popular system. All of our Berkey water filter systems have the exact same filter elements inside, so all produce the same quality of water. As you upgrade to larger units, the capacity and flow rate becomes higher.

This gives them the ability to provide drinking water for larger groups of people. The Big Berkey is our most popular model because it produces enough water for 8-16 persons and still compact enough to be portable, making the Big Berkey ideally suited for most of our customer's needs. The Big Berkey was also the first water filter model offered by Berkey. Over time the Big Berkey has accumulated a huge following in the missionary and emergency relief organization field. This large following of dedicated users has produced much press making it a popular choice. Use the recommendations information on our Berkey Filter Model's. Page to determine the specific filter that best matches your water filtering situation. We are on well water. Do we need to add the PF-2 filter elements? The Berkey fluoride reduction filters. Should only be used if you are on city water, you have confirmed with your city that they are adding fluoride to the water and you want to remove the fluoride. The PF-2 elements are not needed if you are on spring water. What are the basic differences between the Berkey Light and the stainless steel systems? Model is designed for outdoor use therefore it is about three pounds lighter in weight than the equivalent capacity of our stainless steel system. This is the only difference, all Berkey models produce the same high quality purified water.
The Travel Berkey system is also designed for outdoor use and is the smallest of the stainless steel systems. It is compact enough to fit inside a portable suitcase, because unlike the Berkey Light system, the upper chamber nests within the lower chamber during travel. This is the preferred system when mobility is a primary issue. The four multi use filter systems are designed for indoor, everyday use so they are heavier and larger than the above systems but these systems can also be used outdoors or during unexpected emergencies when a source of potable water may not be available.

I have been using my system for about 6 months and the flow rate has slowed down considerably. Do I need to replace the filters? Unlike other filtration elements, the Black Berkey filters. What typically causes the filters to drip slowly is turbidity and sediment clogging the micro-pores of the elements.

Simply remove the elements from your system, and clean the Black Berkey element by scrubbing the exterior of each element under running water with a green scrub pad 3M or ScotchBrite brand, etc. Its simple to do and takes less than a minute per element. Many news stations have reported that pharmaceuticals have been found in the water of many cities in the U.

Do the Black Berkey elements remove drugs from the water? There are simply too many varieties of pharmaceuticals that could end up in drinking water.

"Too many" means that it is impossible for Berkey to test for them all. However, we do know from testing, that the purification process used by the Black Berkey filters remove more pollutants than any other system available on the market today. I just started using my Berkey purifier system but it is hardly filtering any water at all. Typically the problem you are experiencing is due to high water tension, which prevents the air from purging from the micro pores of the new filtering elements.
Included with your Black Berkey filters is a priming button and priming instructions. Take out the Black Berkey filters, prime, and re-install. Is there a way to test my Berkey purifier system to make sure it is working properly? You can test the Black Berkey. Filter elements by filling the upper chamber with water, and then adding a teaspoon of artificial.

Food coloring for every gallon of water within your upper chamber. If the food coloring is removed entirely, your system is working properly. If not, make sure the wing nuts on the filters are securely tightened then re-run the test. If you have the PF-2 fluoride filters installed, remove them prior to performing the red dye test. NOTE: Red food colouring works well in USA as it contains artificial ingredients where as some other food dyes do not.

However the red food colouring available in the USA is actually banned for sale in the EU due to the artificial ingredients. So you will need to use a specific red food colouring dye. Do not use gel based food colouring, and ensure it does not have any added sugar, glucose and thickeners. McCormick Red Food Color Link. Another thing you can try is blowing air through the purifiers (where the water drips out from). If you feel a lot of resistance, then this means the filter is tightly sealed to the plastic tip as it should be. But if you don't, then you will notice the air coming out from the sides of where the plastic meets the filter media. This will mean the adhesive has come loose and the purifiers will not function correctly. Instead, I think I received an extra black washer in the box. The instructions say to use the tan colored priming button. Please check in the box which held your Black Berkey filters.

The box should contain two elements. Attached to each element should be a black rubber washer and a wing nut. Also in the box, should be what could look like another single black rubber washer. This is your priming button.

It is thicker than the washers and the center hole is smaller. Do the PF-2 elements replace the Black Berkey elements? The Black Berkey filter elements and the Berkey fluoride reduction elements.

Are used together at the same time. The top of the PF-2 elements screw onto the bottom of the Black Berkey elements (similar to installing a light bulb).

The water flows through the Black Berkey elements, then the PF-2 elements. "PF" in PF-2 stands for Post Filter.

When properly installed the the PF-2 elements will hang loosely from the black filters and may seem wobbly which is normal. The PF-2 elements are secure. I installed my Berkey PF-2 elements but my water is a bit cloudy, and why does it have a bad taste? Insufficient conditioning (priming) of the Berkey Fluoride. Elements may result in an undesirable taste and/or cloudiness in the water.

The odd taste is from process dust that may not have been washed free from the filters during the conditioning process. Please remove the PF-2 elements and prime them again for no less than 60 seconds (longer may be needed) on both ends. This should expel any residual process dust and fix the problem.

Can I filter sea (salt) water through my Berkey system? The concentration of salt in sea water will more than likely ruin the elements fairly quickly.

I have a water softener installed in our house, can I filter that water through my Berkey? Some people do, but we do not recommend it.

It is best if you put water in your Berkey that has not gone through your water softener (the excess salt will likely shorten the life of the elements). In case of an emergency, can I take water from our pool and filter it with my Berkey system? Will all the chlorine be removed? The Berkey water filter systems can make chlorinated pool water safe for consumption. However, keep in mind that such a use will cause the elements to wear faster.

So, you should only do so in case of emergency. Which of the three methods of water filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation or Berkey purification is the healthiest for drinking purposes? With respect to the healthfulness of the water, most health experts that are up to date on current research are no longer recommending drinking RO or distilled water on a long-term basis because these methods remove all the beneficial minerals from the water making the water an acidic "hypotonic" solution.

A chemist will tell you that any time a hypotonic (de-mineralized) solution comes into contact with a "hypertonic" (mineralized) solution, the minerals within the hypertonic solution will transfer out and into the hypotonic solution until equilibrium is achieved. What this means is simply that when one drinks hypotonic water, the minerals in the blood and lymphatic system, which are hypertonic, transfer into the hypotonic RO or distilled water that is consumed and the minerals are flushed out of the body upon urination. In an effort to re-mineralize, the blood and lymphatic systems then begin to scavenge for minerals from other parts of the body, such as bones and other organs, and this process repeats itself every time de-mineralized hypotonic water is re-consumed. Several studies suggest that people who drink de-mineralized water (hypotonic) over a long period of time tend to be more prone to degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. Berkey purification systems do not remove the beneficial minerals from the water but they do extract harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide. Therefore, the TDS (total dissolved solids) reading will not typically change much unless there are a lot of heavy metals or sedimentary minerals in the source water. With respect to maintenance, how does reverse osmosis, distillation and Berkey purifier systems compare? All Berkey models are easy to disassemble and clean.

The lower chamber should be cleaned by hand in dishwater once a month. The Black Berkey elements may need to be cleaned typically after 6-12 months of use. Distillation systems remove minerals from the drinking water. These minerals build up on the surface of the container and need to be soaked and cleaned with a 50/50 vinegar solution to remove the scale. Reverse osmosis systems can have up to four filter elements, with each needing to be changed at differing intervals from four months up to two years.

This requires that the water pressure be shut off and part or all of the system to be disassembled for maintenance. Additionally, the bladder tank should be washed with a chlorine solution at six-month intervals to kill any colonizing bacteria.
What is the pathological removal capability of a reverse osmosis system vs. Reverse Osmosis does not remove pathogenic bacteria and that is why it is often necessary to add an additional UV light to the system. However, the UV sometimes does not kill all the bacteria because any turbidity in the water can create shaded spots preventing some bacteria from being exposed. Typically, the UV is installed before the bladder tank, however, it is in the bladder tank that bacteria usually colonize.
Therefore, if the bladder tank is not sterilized on a regular basis, it becomes a source for bacteriological contamination that is never exposed to UV. Additionally, the carcasses of the dead bacteria remain within the drinking water with an RO system whereas they are removed by the Black Berkey filters. With respect to cost, how does reverse osmosis, distillation and Berkey systems compare? With respect to upfront cost, RO systems typically are the most expensive due to the cost of the system and the additional expense to have the system plumbed in.

Next in cost would be a distillation unit. A Berkey system will typically be the least expensive of the three. With respect to cost per gallon of water, calculated upon the cost per gallon for replacement filters and energy costs, distillation systems and RO systems properly maintained typically cost between 35-65 cents per gallon. A Berkey system typically costs about 1.6 cents per gallon.

What is the difference between the Black Berkey purification filters and the white Ceramic filters? Let us start by giving you brief history about Berkey. Berkey is the original North American distributor for British Berkefeld, a company who makes the finest ceramic water filter available. These ceramic filters are excellent at removing harmful bacteria from sediment heavy, contaminated drinking water.
It soon became clear to Berkey that a more powerful filter was needed, one that not only removed bacteria but was also in addition able to remove chemicals, viruses, heavy metals, fertilizers and a long list of additional contaminants from your drinking water. After many years of research Berkey developed the Black Berkey purification element. This filter gives you all of the benefits of the ceramic filter with the added abilities mentioned above. Black Berkey purification element significantly raised the bar to a level that no other gravity flow water filters are currently able to attain.

Are the filtering elements in the SportBottle as effective as the Black Berkey purification elements? Yes, the replaceable filter in the Sport Berkey is made of the same material and has the same ionic properties as the larger and longer lasting Black Berkey filter element found in all of our larger Berkey water filter models. How to assemble and Prime your filters IMPORTANT!

PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters adsorb the following unwanted elements found in drinking water. Fluoride: Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Fluorosilicic Acid (aka Hydrofluorosilic Acid). Arsenic: V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III. Other residual heavy metal ions.

Made from safe, non-leaching Polypropolene #5 that is BPA-free. PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic reduction Filters are designed to be used in conjunction with the Black Berkey Purification Elements only. Attach to the bottom of the Black Berkey Elements and sit in the lower chamber of the Berkey unit. Number of PF-2s in the bottom chamber must match the number of Black Berkey Purification Elements in the top chamber; for example, 4 Black Berkey Purification elements would require 4 PF-2 Filters. Set of 2 PF-2 Filters need replacement after 1000 gallons of use.

Berkey Fluoride Filter (Set of 2). The Berkey water filter fluoride reduction elements work by adding the ability to remove the contaminants listed below.

When threaded directly onto the Black Berkey® purification elements the fluoride reduction element is an effective way to take control of targeted harmful contaminants in your drinking water. These fluoride water filters work as a post filter to the Black Berkey and is compatible with all Berkey water filter systems. Effectively reduces the following water contaminants.

Pre-oxidized Arsenic III and Arsenic V. Filtering Fluoride From Your Drinking Water Controversy. The Berkey fluoride water filter uses a time tested method that was developed to reduce fluoride in your drinking water. Berkey developed this filter to address the concerns of the many who find the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water questionable or unacceptable.

Fluoride has been deliberately added to many municipal water supplies since the 1950's. This common practice is now becoming more controversial to say the least. New reports and studies about the harmful effects of adding fluoride to drinking water are emerging. The health and hygiene benefits of applying fluoride directly to the surface of teeth are a well known and seldom disputed. The dispute begins with fluoride that has been added to drinking water only comes in contact with the teeth for a very short amount of time and in a very diluted form.

After this contact the fluoride is than swallowed and the human body is subject to the well known ill effects of the fluoride compound for hours after ingestion. Critics claim that in this age of high fluoride tooth pastes that are correctly applied directly to the surface of the tooth, the benefits of fluoride in the water supply are negligible and quite possibly unnecessary. Berkey fluoride water filter allows you to make this decision about your health for yourself by reducing the amount of fluoride in your water by 95%. REPLACEMENT: It is recommended that each set of two Berkey PF-2 fluoride water filters should be replaced after 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters). Example: If you had a Big Berkey system (2 gallon capacity) and you refilled the system 2 times per day, you would be using 4 gallons of water per day.

Under these conditions the PF-2 fluoride water filter elements would last 250 days 1000 gal. Divided by 4 = 250 or a little over 8 months.

Actual replacement period for the PF-2 fluoride filter is dependent on how much water you would use and the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water. High levels of arsenic, fluoride and certain heavy metals may negatively affect the efficiency and capacity of the PF-2 elements. REMEMBER: Turn for a total of 8 revolutions, no more as it will damage the filters.

If this is the case we will inform you and invoice the difference. The item "Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel" is in sale since Thursday, May 14, 2015. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Appliances\Small Kitchen Appliances\Water Purification\Water Filters". The seller is "berkey-purifiers-uk" and is located in London . This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

  • Model: Crown
  • Modified Item: No
  • Colour: Silver
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Filtration Method: Carbon/Charcoal
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Type: Water Filter
  • MPN: CRN8X2 & PF-2
  • Number of Filtrations: 2
  • Room: Kitchen
  • Brand: Berkey

Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel   Imperial Berkey Water System with PF-2 Fluoride filter & black Stainless Steel

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