5 Stage Ro & Di Resin 50/100/150gpd Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Aquarium

   5 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO and Di Unit. The unit is available with a choice of 3 different membrane capacities. Please select from the drop down menu above. Our RO/Di units include a DI chamber fitted as the final stage of filtration. (which is supplied filled with high quality tulsion MB115 Resin). After passing through the Pre filters (stage 1 -2 and 3) and the r/o membrane, the r/o filtered water is then passed through the DI filter, to reduce the TDS reading to 0. The 5 Stages of Filtration Are. 5 - Micron Sediment Filter Made of 100% Pure Polypropylene Fibres. Removes Dirt, ...
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