Alkaline Remineralizer Reverse Osmosis System 100g Ex. Filters Choice Of Faucet

   FOUNTAINHEAD 6 STAGE REVERSE OSMOSIS 100 GPD ALKALINE WATER SYSTEM - COMPLETE. Reverse Osmosis product water is more acidic due to it's purity. By the time the water is processed through the various stages, after the reverse osmosis stage, minerals etc has been removed. To replenish necessary minerals, an alkaline filter is recommended. 5th stage of this system is an alkaline filter, which replaces calcium, magnesium, sodium potassium ion etc, taken away during the purification process. The 6th stage is an inline carbon filter that polishes the water for a sparkling taste. Reverse ...
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Reverse Osmosis System 75 Gpd Water Filter Clear Housings Choice Of Faucets

   FOUNTAINHEAD 5 STAGE REVERSE OSMOSIS 75 GPD SYSTEM WITH CLEAR HOUSINGS. CHOICE OF F AUCETS TO MATCH YOUR DECOR. Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration available today. It is the most common treatment technology used by premium bottled water companies. It is effective in eliminating or substantially reducing a very wide array of contaminants, and of all technologies used to treat drinking water in residential applications, it has the greatest range of contaminant removal. Reverse osmosis will allow the removal of particles as small as individual ions. ...
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