Lotus Green Genie 6500 Uv Filter Box 18w Water Clarifier Fish Koi Pond Garden

  LOTUS GREEN GENIE 6500 UV FILTER BOX 18W WATER CLARIFIER FISH KOI POND GARDEN. Lotus Green Genie 6500 Filter. The huge collection of Lotus Green Genie Pond Filters are designed to offer top quality filtration in your garden pond. A Koi pond especially needs sufficient filtration to ensure clean, clear, healthy water. Each unit has an integral Philips Ultra Violet lamp which treats algae cells in the water. They are clumped together for easier removal. Removing the algae from the water lowers the risk of an algae problem in the summer months. The larger models from 12,500 upwards come ...
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Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter Pond Water Polisher @ Bargain Price

   Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter - Pond Water Polisher. Innovative Polisher For Ponds The NEW Tempest Filter is an innovative polishing system for ponds. The Tempest Filter uses our latest filtration media, K+Media, to deliver crystal clear, healthy water. Designed to be used in conjunction with any filtration system, the Tempest Filter offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Tempest Filter can be installed on a variety of set-ups and can be used on quarantine systems or as astandalone filter on smaller ponds up to 5,000 Litres / 1,100 Gallons. Patent Pending Design ...
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Pond Filter + Uv Steriliser Light Uvc Fountain Water Pump All In One System -aps

   Gravel / Sand / Substrate. Coral Frag Racks & Plugs. Pond Filter + UV Steriliser Light UVC Fountain Water Pump All In One System -APS. The All Pond Solutions All-in-One systems combine everything required to run a healthy algae-free pond. Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard pond set up. Access to the inside of the unit is extremely easy thanks to the four clips positioned on the unit. Once these are removed you have full access to all filter media areas for cleaning and maintenance. The ...
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Platinum 3600 Performance Fiberglass Koi Fish Water Garden Pond Filter

   Platinum 3600 Performance Fiberglass Koi Fish Water Garden Pond Filter. Suitable for goldfish ponds to 3600 Gallons (14000 liters) with 420 inches of goldfish or a 1850 Gallon (7000 liter) koi pond with 112 inches of koi. Pump requirements: 1320 GPH (3000 LPH) to a max flow rate 3170 GPH (12000 LPH). Comes with: 3 pieces of foam, 1 x wadding, 1 x blue matting, 1 x carbon impregnated foam and 1220 Cubic Inch / 20 litres of Kintama biological media. With free Pond Medic filter bacteria to help seed your filter with beneficial bacteria Platinum 3600 3 return Under gravity Standard ...
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Hozelock Easyclear All In One Filter Pump With Uv Feature Fish Pond Water System

   Small Pet Food & Treats. Small Pet Pens & Enclosures. Small Pet Supplements & Health. Hozelock Easyclear ALL IN ONE Filter Pump with UV Feature Fish Pond Water System. Hozelock Pond Easyclear All-In-One Filter Pump. The award winning all-in-one pond solution. Multi-functional EasyClear, ideal all-in-one solution for pond owners that desire clear, healthy water. These units also eliminate the complexity of conventional filtration systems of separate pumps, filters and UVC's. All-in-one unit that combines a pump, filter and UVC that can be fully submerged. Pumps ...
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Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod. Koi Pond Filter System For Crystal Clear Water

   Water from the pond enters the EazyPod via the inlet and then flows around the circumference of the outer chamber of the EazyPod, passing through the stainless steel grill causing many of the larger solids to be filtered out and settle in the base of the outer chamber. This is the first stage of mechanical filtration. As water enters the central chamber, through the stainless steel grill, the fine smaller solids become trapped in the mass of K1 Micro. Bio-films build up on the protected surface area within each piece of media, allowing biological filtration to take place. After ...
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Blagdon Minipond Garden Pond Filter 4500/9000 Uvc 5w Clears Green Water Algae

   Small Pet Food & Treats. Small Pet Pens & Enclosures. Small Pet Supplements & Health. Blagdon MiniPond Garden Pond Filter 4500/9000 UVC 5W - Clears Green Water Algae. Blagdon MiniPond Water Garden Filtration System. All you need for a clean and healthy pond. Minipond filters create a clean & healthy environment for your fish. A minimum of maintenance is needed due to the unique five stage filter design. Unique 5 Stage Filter Design. High performance UVC clears green water algae. Graded foam filter pads remove dirt & waste. Ceramic biological filter media ...
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Bermuda Pond Pressure Filter Uvc System Uv 10000 15000 Water Koi Fish Garden

   Pond Pumps, Air Pumps and Heat. Bermuda Pond Pressure Filter UVC System UV 10000 15000 Water Koi Fish Garden. Bermuda Pond Pressure Filter UVC Systems. Please use the drop-down menu to select your preferred model. The following options are available from Aquacadabra. Bermuda Pressure Filter 10,000. Bermuda Pressure Filter 15,000. The Bermuda Pressure filters combine mechanical and biological filtration with an in-built Ultra Violet Clarifier for clearer water. With this pressurised unit, water can be pumped upwards out of the unit to feed water courses or return to the pond while ...
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Pond Bio Pressure Filter And Pond Pump Water Feature Pond Kit

   Swell Pressure Filter Bio Deluxe 12,000 and 7,500 Filter Pump. Ensuring your pond remains clean and healthy for fish and plants can be achieved with the Pressure Filter Bio Deluxe 12000 and 7500 Filter Pump by Swell UK. Pond filters alongside pumps are essential products for quality pond care. The waste and dirt produced by fish and plants and the growth of algae will linger in the water without the use of a pump and filter working hand-in-hand. This Swell UK pond pump and filter system is recommended for the following pond sizes: 12,000 litres with no fish, 6,000 litres with fish or ...
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