Ozone Viqua Sterilight S8q-oz Uv Water Filter System Generator 24,000 Gallons

  Ozone Viqua Sterilight S8Q-OZ Uv Water Filter System Generator 24,000 Gallons. OZONE VIQUA SYSTEM - MODEL S8Q-OZ. The VIQUA SQ is a family of disinfection systems that can be used in several types of applications where pricing sensitivity is a deciding factor but reliable equipment is still a must. The Silver controller displays the remaining lamp life via LED, has a universal power input from 100-204V/50-60Hz and holds full electrical certification including both CSA & CE certificates. The VIQUA S8Q-OZ is an Ozone Disinfection system designed for small residential swimming pools up to...
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Sterilight S8q-oz Ozone Generator Water Filter System For Swimming Pools

   Sterilight S8Q-OZ Ozone generator for pool water treatment. Filter media / resin for tanks. PH Filter / Acid Neutralizers. Abundant Flow Water Systems Inc. Specializes in a full line of water treatment solutions. We provide solutions for residential applications, commercial, and hobbiest. Anything from portable systems and filters, accessories and parts all they way to whole house treatment both point of entry and point of use. Reverse osmosis, water softeners, iron filters, UV filters, and special and custom filter systems. We also do light commercial systems. We believe in ...
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