Crown Berkey Water Filter +2 Black Purifiers Filtration System Stainless Steel

   Want to know how much water is left in your Berkey system without having to open the lid every time? Then check our other listings for the "Sight Glass Spigot". This listing is for the Crown Berkey System (included 2 black Purifiers). If you require further info regarding this listing, contact 0333 322 0902. Which Berkey System is for me? LPH=Liters Per Hour / L=Litres. (the above are estimated figures). Purifies more than 24 liters per hour. Comes equipped with 2 Black Berkey filters. A storage capacity of 22 liters. Expandable to 8 Black Berkey filters. 11"D x 31"H. High ...
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Commercial Aquarium Rodi 300 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System + Dual Di

   Oceanic LC Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 300 GPD LIGHT COMMERCIAL RODI. LIGHT COMMERCIAL REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTER SYSTEM. Great Compact Reverse Osmosis with up to 300 GPD (gallon per Day) system. This PRE-ASSEMBLED system comes with all Filters and A booster pump for better quality of water production. This is a 6 Stage System with up to 300 gallons. 1st stage Sediment Filter 5 micron. 3rd Stage Carbon Block Filter 5 micron. 4th Stage Up to 300 GPD membrane. 6th stage Dual inline DI filters. This System will come with Color Coded Tubing for easy installation. Also included ...
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6 Stage Ph Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Faucet Purifier

   150GPD RO Membrane w/ Housing Replacement For 5 6 Stage Drinking System Purifier. 2PCS String Wound Sediment Filter Cartridge Water Filter Cartridge 10"x 2.5". 75GPD RO Membrane Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement for Express Water RO5DX. 200/300/400 GPD RO Filter Housing + 3 Fittings 3012 RO Membrane Shell Universal. 2PCS 5m String Wound Sediment Water Filter 10"x 2.5" Wire-Winding Polypropylene. 5 Stage Under Sink Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System Water Purifier with Pump. 1 Year Coconut Shell Carbon Sediment Water Filter- 7 Filters For 5 Stage System. 0.6m 20 PP Pleated Filter...
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Whole House Water Filter System, 1,000,000 Gal. Capacity Coconut Shell Carbon

   Whole House Water Filter System, 1,000,000 Gal. Capacity - Coconut Shell Carbon. Whole House Water Filter System for Chlorine Lead Mercury, Herbicides Pesticides, Dust, Sand, Rust, VOCs & More! Healthy Living Starts With Healthy Water######xA0. By######xA0;filtering harmful######xA0;impurities like chlorine, foul######xA0;taste, lead, and other######xA0;contaminants, you'll enjoy purer, tastier, spring-like water from every outlet in your home. Improves the quality of the water for better skin and hair, ######xA0;eliminates the drying effects of chemicals. There will also be a ...
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16w Uv Water Filter System And Sediment Pre-filter 7.5l/pm 1/2 Bsp

   Here at Industrial Water Equipment we have the largest range of high quality UV water filters available on the Internet, to cater for every requirement from small home applications right through to supping global catering companies. We are pleased to be able to offer our very own range of UVs, with over 30 years supplying and fitting these we know what you need. You asked for great quality at affordable prices, we listened and thought we could do better! We are the UKs largest online supplier of water treatment products, supplying to everyone at great prices! From window cleaners, car ...
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Whole House Carbon Home Manual Water Filter System 1 Cu Ft + Big Blue Pre-filter

   Whole House 9"x48" Carbon Filter Manual Valve/ 4.5"x10" Big Blue Sediment Filter. This kit includes the following. 9" x 48" Media Tank (Almond, Black or Blue) (will send out any color in stock). 4.5" x 10" Big Blue Housing with Sediment Filter. 1 cubic ft of Carbon media (coconut shell). Whole House Carbon Filter with Sediment Filter - Manual Control Valve. Carbon Filter size 9"x48". Sediment filter 4.5"x10". A whole-house filter system treats all water traveling to any faucet or fixture in the home. It removes the chemical before it can be ingested, breathed in, or absorbed by the...
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Poe Gac Carbon Water Filter Systems Whole House 1.5 Cuft Kdf55 Mediaguard

   Whole-house water filter KDF 55 1.5 CUFT GAC Carbon, Timer Backwash Valve. WHOLE HOUSE MULTI MEDIA WATER SYSTEMS KDF 55 MediaGuard - GAC Carbon. KDF-55 filter media consists of finely granulated copper and zinc alloys. The combination of these two alloys in the media allows the chemical reaction of redox (Oxidation-Reduction) to take place when water passes through the media. Redox involves the transfer of electrons between two molecules, changing these molecules into entirely different elements. In the KDF process, electrons are taken from harmful contaminants like chlorine and ...
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Apex Mr-6050 6 Stage 50 Gpd Alkaline Ph+ Ro Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

   The APEX MR-6050 filtration system does more than simply filter water. The MR-6050 uses five stages of water filtration plus a final pH adjusting cartridge to create pure alkaline drinking water. The process starts by removing tiny particles like rust, silt and insect parts. This protects your family and prevents the filtration systems from clogging. Next, the water flows through two 5-micron activated carbon block cartridges. These compressed carbon block filters remove taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and rotten-egg odors. Did you now that the chlorine ...
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